I offer a vairety of art classes and workshops for children and adults. Classes are geared towards the interests and needs of individual students. I often schedule classes based on students interest, so if the class you want is not yet scheduled please let me know.

Monthly Figure Workshop            $80
Sundays, 10:00-1:00, August 9, September 13, November 11 and December 13. Email me to Enroll.
Once a month we will meet in my Culver City Studio for a 3 hour figurative workshop. This informal and supportive setting is designed to encourage and guide students as they develop and pursue individual directions. We will explore line, shape, composition, color and technique. Class will consist of a combination of drawing/painting from a model (short and long poses), discussions and critiques.

Color Workshop                                                        $160
Saturday & Sunday November 8 & 9, 10:00-2:00 PM
In my Culver City Studio.   Email me to Enroll.
In this two day painting workshop students will learn basics of the color wheel and how to to use this knowledge in their paintings.  Working from a model students will learn to use color to depict form and create compositions.  We will talk about color value and temperature, opposite colors and similar colors. We will discover how color can create harmony and tension, chaos and order.  We will look at our paintings and painting of other artists, discussing the use of color in terms of content and form.

Color is an integral part of my paintings and my painting process.  I love mixing colors, finding new colors and experimenting with different color combinations.  It is oooftenen how I begin my studio time.
Beginning Figure Drawing
Dates To Be Determined
Email me for for information.
Children’s Art Classes
Dates To Be Determined
Students will work with an array of materials (paint, pastel, charcoal, pencils and pens) and from a variety of subjects. We will play with color, line, shape and texture in a constructive and supportive atmosphere.
Classes are offered to different age groups. Email me for for information.

Art Workshops in Tuscany
In September 2015, exact dtes to be determined.

A week in Italy exploring the art, wine and food of Tuscany. For more information go to www.thecolorsoftuscany.com

Fun Studio Time
Join professional artist Hilary Taub in her studio for a fun afternoon exploring painting, drawing and college. The workshop consists of 3 hours in an artists studio for a group of 4, all ages are welcome. Come with your family or friends or a bit of both. The studio is equipped with a wide variety of materi- als. Before your session you will choose from a variety of projects. Email me to schedule your studio time.
Hilary began painting/ drawing as a child. She has always found a home in art classes and strives to create that for her students. She has taught pre-school, a range of art classes and has worked with developmentally delayed children. She is a professional artist, exhibiting and selling her work internationally. She has a BFA/ BA in Studio Art and Art History from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University.